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JP Jones Song Book

Any song currently available through Vision Company Records/Vision Industry Publishing may be ordered as full piano score and vocal/lyric staves as a PDF document.  E-mailed directly to you, these files can be printed out as sheet music.  Collections of songs are $15.  Collections include:

Magical Thinking 11 songs
Thugs and Lovers   12 songs
Jeremiah 11 songs + The Story of Abu the King
Life and Death 
11 songs 
Salvation Street 15 songs
Back to Jerusalem 11 songs
Ashes 11 songs
Angels on the Road 15 songs
Broken Open 16 songs
Voluntown 11 songs

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 The full-size, 9' X 12" 400+  page Songbook featuring over 125 original JP Jones tunes, photos, and more, is available as special order.

Currently on site, FREE: (standard vocal/piano arrangements) Downloadable PDF files .... 

All the Abuse
With Open Eyes (Afghan Girl)
Bobby Ryder
Fire and the Rose
Flower in the Rain
Highway Blues
In the Bed
Dreaming of Francesca
Prophet in His Prime
Kingdom Come
(All I'll Do Is) Miss You
Someday We're Gonna Have to Talk
Someone Who
To the Stage
What Does it Take
When that Change Finally Comes*
Without You

*Larger file: includes pictures

These scores of JP Jones' Songs are copyrighted and may not be printed out or otherwise reproduced except for the private use of individuals--

There are over 300 songs in the JP Jones catalogue. 
Some titles are listed under alternate names in the Library of Congress. 
All songs are copyright protected and may not be reproduced without permission.
JP's published work is licensed with ASCAP,  www.ascap.com

Vision Industry Publishing.

John Paul Jones LP Columbia/Windfall 1973
Johnny Go Lightly b/w It'll All Blow Over 7" single Strider Records 1980
I Don't Feel Guilty b/w Wendy 12" single Self Released 1982
Voluntown CD Vision Company 1990
Broken Open CD Vision Company 1994
Bard CD Vision Company 1997
Angels on the Road CD Vision Company 1998
Broken Open - Reissue CD Vision Company 1999
Ashes CD Vision Company 1999
Back to Jerusalem CD Vision Company 2000
Salvation Street CD Vision Company 2001
Life and Death CD Vision Company 2003
Jeremiah CD Vision Company 2004
Thugs and Lovers CD Vision Company 2005
Magical Thinking CD Vision Company 2006

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