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Although recorded in a one-bedroom apartment in the tiniest state in the Union with a minimal amount of equipment, Jeremiah is something huge. – Les Reynolds, Indie-Music.com

Jeremiah was recorded at my apartment on Harrison Avenue, Newport, 2003, and at John Hillman's house off of Wyatt Street in Middletown, RI, 2004, in the dead of Winter. This is a solo acoustic CD with one guitar, one vocal, and one harmonica, all recorded live in a take or two. I use the PARIS DAW for recording and mixing. There was a little futzing around with the slide guitar on "Still Life." The story of Abu, a spoken word piece, is included at the end of this CD, (wait 30 seconds for it).

Mastered by David Correia at Celebration Sound.

drawing: Alexandre Kouznetsov

Prophet in His Prime

i was some young poet that you took in
from the desperate regions of the dark
the truth comes out when nobody is lookin
the truth comes out in every human heart

i must suffer all that flesh is heir to
if you speak about me to your friends
you can tell em anything you care to
how it all got started, how it ends

this is from my emerging material
taken from a back page in my mind
this is one episode in a serial
a document of love in our time
take it from a prophet in his prime

ev'rything about me is mysterious
don't remember asking for this job
when i got the call it sounded serious
who am i for second-guessing god?

the only mortal flaw i ever heard of
when did your heart turn to ice?
when did mine?
don't give up on us but take the word of
a poet who has paid and made it rhyme


forget about the sins you should be pure of
focus on compassion, life is brief
there's one thing in this world at least I'm sure of
there's no divorcing gravity and grief

if you're one of those who can receive it
praise this holy miracle of grace
love's the only treasure whether anyone believes it
flickering in every single face


copyright jp jones 2003
danielson, ct
april 15


New World a-Comin

there's a new world a-comin
and it won't be long
where will you stand
when the old one is gone
the sun will be blindin
the oceans will rise
and it won't do no good
to be blamin the skies

the end of an age
we betrayed with a kiss
killin off that thing
and grabbin at this
the limits of power
the harvest of greed
when one keeps for his pleasure
what his brother just needs


there is no insurance
there is no defense
you won't get ahead
at your neighbor's expense
the earth it will tremble
the wild winds will roar
and we'll stand together
like never before


no nation can save us
no church holds the key
now it depends 
upon you and on me
with a gun to our heads
and our backs to the wall
now it's nature's revenge
that embraces us all


will we wake up in time
to find what it's about
when the changes this time
must come from inside out
lay down your heartache
and pick up a song
there's a new world a-comin
and it won't be long

copyright jp jones 1988, 2005


With Open Eyes

I am a refugee
from a modern war
I lost my family
you've seen my face before
with open eyes
with open eyes

I got a husband now
my eyes are green and brown
a child is dead and gone
another child is born
with open eyes
with open eyes
with open eyes

I come from Afghanistan
my people pray for peace
you have your way of life
you will remember me
with open eyes
with open eyes
with open eyes

copyright jp jones 2003
mount view


Every Boy Every Girl

every woman
every man
everybody got to make a stand

shout it out
have no fear
let somebody know you are here

every boy
every girl
everybody in the whole wide world

be she me
be she you
she do what she will do

be he black
be he white
everybody got the right

every boy
every girl
every body in the whole wide world

get it right
get it straight
put a little love in everything you create

have your faith
and your doubt
don't let anybody talk you out

of yourself
and what's true
down in the very heart of you

every boy
every girl
every body in the whole wide world

play to win
and be kind
have a little peace of mind
stand up tall
and be free
be everything you always wanted to be

for as long
as you live
give em everything you got to give

every boy
every girl
every body in the whole wide world

copyright jp jones 1978


Still Life

a black bird from the mountains
and the morning just begun
he was either lost or he was
searchin for the sun
standin in the door
and i don't know what i'm waitin for
there's no tellin where or why she's gone

the wind is from the mountains
and i know more snow is due
i tried and tried to reach her
but there's just no gettin through
holdin on the line
i will try another one more time
nothing but the silence ringing true

broken bones of summer grasses
standing in the snow
three feet on the back roads
and i got no place to go
waitin in the room
for the darkest part of afternoon
to wash away the slightest trace
of loneliness

everywhere the silence snickers
goblins at my door
i'm one part mostly patience
and i'm three parts frozen over
the way the sun goes down
so cold and gold and round
tells me that i'm all alone once more
tells me that i'm on my own
once more

copyright jp jones 1973



Jeremiah was a prophet
he was called by god hisself
preachin in the heartland
sayin, "come on back to yourself"

Isaiah, he say to Jerry,
"son, wha do you intendin to?
makin all them predictions
what if one of 'em should come true?

all them people dead
all them things you said
out of the darkness comes a Christ
who fails to heed it
pays a price

Jeremiah left the buildin
on his way to kingdom come
his wife got the house and children
Jeremiah only got his thumb

they kicked him out in Needles
they had enough of his crazy talk
if he knew God's mind so well, then
well, he could get out and walk

Jeremiah bear the shame
all your cryin's been in vain
no Messiah ever came
for Jeremiah in the rain

Jeremiah in the desert
underneath the midday sun
lookin out across the valley
thinkin how far he had come

copyright jpjones 2003
6/2/03, Danielson


Without You

must be that i'm crazy
must be that i'm blind
that after all we've been through
and after all this time
i am still in love with you
and still want you to be mine
and everything seems empty 
without you

tell me that it's my own fault
tell me that it's wrong
to want somebody too much
and to hold on for too long
i know i must let you go
but without your love
i don't feel whole
and everything seems empty
without you

i have my own work to do
and i have my own friends
and i know there's a new beginning
for everything that ends
and i have faith in all that stuff
but sometimes it's just not strong enough
and everything seems empty
without you

so i pray to heaven
that i soon will be released
from the memories that tear me up
and the pain that will not cease
and the thought i can not get rid of
that i just wasn't worthy of your love
and everything seems empty
without you

copyright jp jones 1976, 1993


Man Upstairs

the pipes bang and wheeze
a lovely winter breeze
come rollin' through the door
I'm rollin on the floor
there's a man upstairs
he don't care
playin' solitaire

better grab that goose
the scientists are loose
it's all a big machine
that's what they
really mean
there's a man upstairs
he don't care
playin' solitaire

shaky shaky shaky
all the time
shaky shaky shakin
in my body and my mind

I could be talkin
in my sleep
could be sleepin'
with sheep
could be drinkin gasoline
could be usin vazoline
there's man upstairs
he don't care
playin solitaire

got a deck a cards
got a bachelor of arts
got this heart a mine
the national past-time
there's a man upstairs
he don't care
playin solitaire


got an alley cat
in a basement flat
he likes to come and go
in three feet a snow
tell the man upstairs
there's a man upstairs
you better bet he cares

copyright jp jones, 1980, 1997


So Far So Good

doesn't matter
where you start
if you're dumb
or if you're smart
everybody knows the world
by heart

red is red
blue is blue
i am i 
and you are you
that's the only difference
tween the two

so far
so good
after all we did the
best we could
so far
so good
after all we did the
best we could

does not matter
how high or low
how far out
or in
you go
you know
you know you know
you know you know
you know you know

red is red
blue is blue
i am i
and you are you
that's the only difference
tween the two

so far...

whether you roam in Italy
or dwell in the new
New Delhi
or find yourself
a little bit in me
proceed according
to the plan
that's in your heart
that's in your hand
all roads lead to
more roads
that lead you
back where you began

red is red
blue is blue 
i am i 
and you are you
that's the only difference
tween the two

so far...

copyright jp jones
april, 1974, 1991, 2008


So Early Early in the Spring

so early early
in the spring
i shipped on board
to serve my king
i left my dearest
dear behind she oft times swore
her heart was mine

my love she takes me by the hand
"if ever i marry
you'll be the man"
a thousand vows
so long and sweet
sayin we'll be married
when next we meet 

and all the time
i sailed the seas
i could not find
one moment's ease
in thinkin of
my dearest dear
and never a word from her
could i hear

at last we sailed
into Glasgow town i strode the streets
both up and down
inquiring for
my dearest dear
but never a word
from her could i hear 

i went straightway
to her father's hall
and loudly for my love did call
"my daughter's married
she's a rich man's wife
much better for her
much better for life"
if the girl is married
that i adore
i'm sure i'll stay
on land no more
i sail the seas
till the day i die
i'll break the waves
rollin mountains high



To Sleep with You

when only shadows
I remember
when all my striving
hours are through
all vanities
I would surrender
into the night
to sleep with you

in forest deep
in city canyon
no comfort deeper
fierce or true
you are my love
and dear companion
and I come home
to sleep with you

turn down the lamp
turn down the bed
in sweet release
lay down my head

wrapped safe within
each other's arms
set free to fly
among the stars

upon this long
and lonesome highway
I call on grace
to see me through
whatever troubles
may come my way
I lay me down
to sleep with you

copyright jp jones 2002
January 18



Music and performances 2016 JP Jones. Site Design, Publishing  2016 Vision Company Records. All Rights reserved.