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Rite Tite

Louise Muller 

is a classically trained violinist, studied with the Portland String Quartet and then at Oberlin College. As a teen she discovered bluegrass and in more recent years, she has discovered rock, blues, and jazz. An award winning sculptor, she has designed and built one-of-a-kind electric 5-string violins.  Today she works as a stained glass restoration artist and maintains a private teaching practice for students of violin, viola, and cello. She gigs with groups who's styles range from classical to rock, folk, and country.  

With Mike Barrette, Louise makes a kind of band-within-a-band-- their years of collaboration on various projects results in a unique shared musical vocabulary and an intuitive unit as the "string section."                                 




Mike Barrette

is another resident of the "Quiet Corner" in Northeast Connecticut.  With thirty years' playing experience, Mike brings his versatility and taste to JP's wide-ranging song styles.  He's  performed and recorded with some of the best musicians in the tri-state area in pop, rock, folk, country, and live theater.  A graduate of the Guitar Institute in Los Angeles, Mike is a highly sought-out player known for his talent and adaptability in almost any recording and performing situation.


Kurt Meyer

has been playing bass for 36 of his 49 years in a a full spectrum of musical styles. He met up with JP in Flat Rock studios in 1993,  became close friends, and has been working with JP ever since. 

Kurt's main love is fretless bass which he started playing when he turned 17, influenced by the likes of Danko, Pastorious, and Ron Carter. He enjoys building his own instruments to try to capture that ever elusive "sound". His most recent creation is the "Ark," an electric upright stick that manages to capture the best of both worlds. Very partial to 5 string (low B) and tall redheads. "Hell, I started playing music to meet  girls.........."


Matthew Niebels

is the group's percussionist. Primarily a jazz and rock drummer with a love for world music and a degree in classical percussion, somehow he has found himself playing with a bunch of folkies. It's no happenstance. The connecting thread is a spiritual and soulful resonance with JP and it weaves rhythmically through the lyrics and the members of the band. 

Between hand drums, a vibraphone, a vocal mic, and a variety of shakable and bangable things, his is a musical spice rack of flavors to the group as well as a contagious energy.

Matt is currently teaching instrumental music at the inner-city elementary Compass School in Providence, R.I. 

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Donn "Dr." Watson

handles the keyboards.  A veteran of the road, influenced by Stevie Winwood,  Al Kooper,  Brian Auger, Jon Lord, Ray Charles, to name a few, the son of a classically trained pianist, Donn's done it all-- steel hauling with big rigs, a radio officer in the merchant marines, lineman, then ‘electronic specialist’ with the railroad, repairing and delivering Ferraris....

Today he maintains a stable of vintage Hammonds and Leslies, runs his shop for laser engraving, and lives on his sailboat in Portsmouth with his beloved companion, Cutter, the yellow lab.

Shortly after they met, JP dubbed Donn, "The Doctor," a nickname that hasn't set all that well: "I've been through the school of hard knocks, but nobody ever gave me a doctorate." 

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Dave Lang

shares the drum responsibilities with Matt Niebels for JP and Rite Tite. He hooked up with JP back in 1991 for the Voluntown release recorded at Flat Rock Studios and has contributed tracks on JP's Broken Open, Salvation Street, and Life and Death. Dave is a self-taught player with an affinity for drums since the mid 60's. He has been playing local venues since then and strives to play the 'pocket'; it would be hard to find someone in the Northeast part of Connecticut who hasn't heard Dave somewhere, sometime....




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