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The songs appearing here we're recorded at different times over the years and haven't made it to CD (yet).
Psymbolbw.jpg (880 bytes) JP Jones, Vision Company Records, 2010.  We'll add more as time goes on.

  "All the Abuse"* was written in 1982 shortly after I was mugged on Clinton Street in Brooklyn, a block from my apartment.  The principle line is a direct quote from an aquaintance who was responding to my description of the event. The recording was direct to 2-track in a third story factory loft on Washington Street down by the Navy Yard, with Rob Shepperson on drums and Jeff Burk on bass-- the rhythm section for Tirez-Tirez.*

"Dreaming of Francesca"* is a direct response to 911, recorded at home on the PARIS DAW--yeah, actually based on a dream as well as "real" life.

"The King Is Dead"--solo demo version pre- Life and Death sessions.

"What's the Fuss?"--also demo pre- Life and Death sessions, here with MIDI accompaniment, a trial run.

"Straight to Your Heart"--the melody was stolen from a traditional celtic song, "The Parting Glass," a drinking song that often ended the night with various participants improvising lines directed one way or another to the assembly.  Bob Dylan stole the tune for "Restless Farewell."

photo: Andy Jones

*Lyrics for "All the Abuse" and "Dreaming of Francesca" are available in piano/vocal scores as free PDF downloads. Lyrics for "The King is Dead" and "What's the Fuss?" are here.  "Straight to Your Heart" goes like this(anyone got a better idea for a title? jp@pjones.net):
Straight to your Heart

these days i don't worry much what people think
unless i hurt someone in passing
if i'm trying too hard or had too much to drink--
i make my amends in my fashion
    and i'm not afraid
    if in this passing parade i'm lost in history's dust
    i don't need to hide or swallow my pride
    or go out of my way to be mysterious

from all of the bitterness i've ever felt
for slights, neglect, and stupidity
i've slipped beyond all the need to respond
for what life did not do or did to me
    why play a game
    when fortune and fame have lost all their appeal?
    i don't need to be shamed or accept any blame
    for what I've become and the way i feel

i have taken my hits and been given some gifts
and i'll honor the call as a shaman
i don't need to rise up in anyone's eyes a-
bove what we all share in common
    I believe in God's grace
    that the whole human race is still at its birth
    but heaven's a place where all remains in its place
    so the place i belong is, for now, on this earth

for those who are caught for whose souls can be bought
by allowing their hearts to be deadened
i can only pity who's abandoned the city
on earth as it might be in heaven
    for in my own time
    i've seen gods unwind to reveal what they're made of
    and have no more doubt that all things come out of and
    eventually all things return to love

grief, fear, and rage are not new to the age
and gratitude makes all the difference
the wind and the rain and the sun on my face
and the laughter of children are sufficient
    so i'll work and i'll play
    and i'll live every day and practice my art
    and i'll know my mind and learn to be kind
    and I'll sing like i'm talking straight to your heart

copyright jpjones 2007
june 6

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photo:Barry Cowsill

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