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John Paul Jones (born April 10, 1949, Wakefield, RI, active 1973-present) is an American poet, singer-songwriter and composer. A self described “mystic in the tradition of the New England Transcendentalists,” his work draws from American folk and blues traditions and from the work of classical composers who he studied while growing up n Springfield, MA and as an Independent Scholar in music composition at Amherst College. Before Amherst there was Baptist Bible Seminary.

Jones was 23-years-old and fresh out of school when Columbia Records signed him in the Windfall/CBS deal  -  John Paul Jones - this first album drew interest, principally, from the Led Zeppelin legal team.

An independent artist since 1980.

Anywhere I Wander CD Vision Company Records 2015
Revelation Vision Company Records 2010
Magical Thinking CD Vision Company 2006
Thugs and Lovers CD Vision Company 2005
Jeremiah CD Vision Company 2004
Life and Death CD Vision Company 2003
Salvation Street CD Vision Company 2001
Back to Jerusalem CD Vision Company 2000
Ashes CD Vision Company 1999
Broken Open CD Reissue  Vision Company 1999
Angels on the Road CD Vision Company 1998
Bard CD Vision Company 1997
Broken Open CD Vision Company 1994
Voluntown CD Vision Company 1991
"Don't Feel Guilty" b/w "Wendy" 12" single Self Released as "John Paul Jones"1982
"Johnny Go Lightly" b/w "It'll All Blow Over" 7" single Strider Records, as "John Train," 1980
John Paul Jones LP Columbia/Windfall 1973

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