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Clicking on a song title will take you to the CD where the song came from.
Minot Davis  and Jane Weidman, executive producers,  conceived and sponsored this collection   representing some of the most popular and accessible of JP Jones recordings from 1991 -2006.

"Life was simpler before the idea for this selection of JP’s music came up. The Jones brothers and I have talked about it, disagreed about what should go on, despaired of its finding an audience, shared the prevailing pessimism about the future of recorded music. JP is ambivalent about making selections. Andy would like one song from each CD. I'm dropping the money into the project, however, and sometimes am slightly high-handed and willful, exasperating both JP and Andy. Then the project appears to float away and evaporate but mustn’t be permitted to.

I tried before to write a little essay or story about meeting JP and Andy and listening to JP’s latest CD with low expectations, having just met him, but nobody liked my piece or thought it was long enough. This is shorter.

This is a great CD, each song is compelling and some are beautiful. What do I know? I have a sense of destiny in regard to JP’s music. There isn’t much point in asking people to listen, as such a proposition is obvious in this kind of introduction. The request is trite, a twirling lariat.

I listen. Sometimes that seems enough."

                             - Minot Davis, Newport, RI, January 2009

Mastered by David Correia at Celebration Sound.

photo: Kerstin Zettmar

Minot's favorite line from a review: "The Great Hidden Lion of Indie Music."

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