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JP Jones

was written in 1995, for everything from a broken consort to full orchestra. No lyrics here, only music. Merry Spring.

Bard 1997
BardCd.jpg (28155 bytes)
Dreaming Stones Field

Scotsman's Elegy
Eurydice's Farewell
Andy's Tune
I'll Remember You
The Passion of Harvey
Us and Them
Fanfare for a Fallen King
Kerstin's Dream
Grief So Sweet
Winter's Tale
Connie's Last Stand

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JP Jones is a musician, male vocalist, singer songwriter of original songs and music with 15 folk, rock, and new age CDs including Touch, Anywhere I Wander, Revelation, Magical Thinking, Thugs and Lovers, Jeremiah, Life and Death, Salvation Street, Back to Jerusalem, Voluntown, Broken Open, Ashes, Angels on the Road, Bard